Easy Citrus Infused Vinegar for Non-toxic Cleaning

Citrus Infused Vinegar | Photo by Carly Hollas
Citrus Infused Vinegar | Photo by Carly Hollas

Living a conscious lifestyle is not only good for the environment, it is good for your wallet. We are bombarded daily with commercials and advertisements for cleaning products that are polluting the ocean, streams and the air. We are constantly inhaling these poisonous fumes and having them absorbed into our skin while cleaning. Many of these chemical cleaning products are no more effective than their simpler, chemical-free alternatives.

One of my very favorite home-made household cleaners is Vinegar Glass Cleaner. This simple, minimal ingredient combination works wonders on mirrors, windows, stove-tops, sinks, etc. You may make it with plain white vinegar or opt for my citrus infused version. Lemon is well known for it’s cleaning properties and is the perfect citrus to infuse. I also used Grapefruit because it makes the vinegar smell less overpowering.

Making Infused Vinegar

Simply add fresh lemon and/or grapefruit peels into a clean glass jar and pour in white vinegar until the peels are covered.

Always remember to label your jars with the contents and the date in which it was made.

Allow the mixture to sit in a bright warm place for about a week or more. (I have stored infusions under the sink as well so I do not think the sunlight is essential in this process but it couldn’t hurt.)

After this time has passed, remove the peels from the vinegar.

Since the peels are now soft, this makes a great opportunity to throw them into the garbage disposal and run it for a fresh deodorizing and cleaning effect.

Making Vinegar Glass Cleaner


2 Cups Water

1/4 Cup Citrus Infused Vinegar

3-4 drops Castile Soap

Add ingredients into a clean spray bottle and shake well. Using a funnel will make your life easier.

**If you do not have time to infuse the vinegar with lemon peels, you may substitute plain White Vinegar and add the juice of half a lemon.

This stuff really works!!! And it is so affordable to make!! I love it and I hope you do too.

Remember- when ridding your home of the chemical laden cleaning products that you previously bought, please be sure to dispose of them properly. To discard hazardous materials such as these, look online to find where your city/county facilities exist. Most areas have free hazardous material disposal, just be sure to check the days and hours of operation to save yourself the hassle of making two trips like I did.

I was slightly curious as to what would be done with these products so I asked the gentleman who assisted me. He told me that they sort the products and then they are either buried or burned. Yikes! Sounds dreadful. It disturbs me more and more everyday that these kinds of hazardous items are still being produced and sold at alarming rates. 😦 Burying these chemicals does not sound like a proper solution to me. I don’t want this stuff to contaminate the soil and then be washed down and around town with the rain water.

Just another reason for me to show companies how I feel with my wallet! Boycott companies that do not have ethical business practices. If there were no demand for these products, production would halt. Please, do your part and spread the word! Let’s try to keep this beautiful planet beautiful and healthy for future generations to come.

My bag of nasty chemical cleaning products waiting to be properly disposed.
My bag of nasty chemical cleaning products waiting to be properly disposed.

Please comment and share this post if you found it helpful. Have a lovely day!


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