Clean Your Shower With Citrus Fruit & Salt

Now that I am using pure organic shampoo bars, made out of vegetable fats and oils, I have found that my shower floor gets a filmy residue. I refuse to buy or use toxic, hazardous chemicals to clean my house and hopefully you feel the same way. I have a totally sustainable, zero-waste solution!

All you have to do is cut a lemon or other citrus fruit in half and pour some sea salt on it. I also pour some sea salt on the bottom of the tub. Now use your lemon, orange or grapefruit half to scrub away any dirt or residue. I like to add more salt onto the fruit as it dissolves. Compost the lemon when you are done.

Simple. Cheap. Easy. Sustainable. Amazing!

Please like this article if you are going to try this method! Thank you for reading and have a lovely day.


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