Save Water With Each Flush Using Recycled Items


I have one of the simplest ways to save water!! It takes five minutes of your time and saves gallons! Simply recycle a plastic gallon jug or liter glass bottle. The weighed down jug or bottle goes into the tank on the back of your toilet. It works by displacing water in the tank. This way your toilet will automatically fill the tank with less water for each flush.

You will need:

-a used plastic gallon jug, 2 liter plastic bottle or liter glass bottle

-rocks, gravel or sand

-some water to top it off if it needs more weight


1. Remove any label from your bottle or jug

2. Fill the bottom of the bottle with rocks, gravel or sand. It needs to be heavy enough to be weighed down to the bottom of the tank so that it does not disrupt the flushing mechanism.

3. Top it off with water (preferably recycled water from washing fruits or veggies).

4. Put the lid on.

5. Remove the cover from your toilet tank and place the bottle as far away from your flushing mechanism as possible. Replace the lid on top of the tank.

That’s it!! Water saving in every flush! Let’s re-prioritize and keep potable water available for people to drink!!

Thanks for reading!! Please comment below if you have any water saving tips to share!


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