Simple Greek Salad

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So, I made this (Dairy-Free) Greek Salad and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have always been partial to Mediterranean cuisine, but I cannot say that I had ever had a Greek Salad without Feta before! The recipe was from, you guessed it, The 10 Day Detox Diet Cookbook by Mark Hyman M.D..

The recipe actually called for Spanish Mackerel. When I asked the guy at the Whole Foods Seafood counter if they had any Mackerel he looked at me like I was crazy. He told me he uses Mackerel for bait when he’s fishing! Whatever man, I try to keep my seafood low mercury and sustainable so chill out. Before anyone goes off on a tangent about how unsustainable seafood really is, I already know. I am privy to the fact that our extreme overfishing practices leave the fish populations no time to recover. I am eating a lot less seafood these days. Just saw Cowspiracy too, so it was a nice reminder.

Well, I hope you enjoy this lovely Vegan Greek Salad! I know that we did. Although, I do not know why Kyle is wearing a blanket… There was something about this organic Romaine lettuce that I used that just made the salad to die for. I have never been the biggest Romaine fan, but I can say this Romaine I got at the South Coast Farms stand was the best I have ever had!

I like run-on sentences, don’t judge me.


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