Melrose Place

Melrose Place feels a little magical.

I went to lunch at Fig and Olive on the corner of Melrose Place and La Cienega the other week. I bused it from Fairfax & 3rd west to La Cienega. Since I was quite presumptuous about the amount of time it would take me to get there, I had plenty of time to kill. Deciding to hoof it north from 3rd street, I took up the narrow path of shade created from the buildings on the right side of the street.

My friend lived over by Melrose place a few years ago, but I always drove to her. I had never previously spent any time exploring Melrose Place by foot. To my delight, it was a beautiful place filled with gorgeous people.

Narrow sidewalks are lined with well-groomed trees.  Quaint alleys with symmetrical vine-covered walls give it a whimsical feel. The whole street screamed “storybook vibes.” I was very happy to see bees peacefully enjoying the lavender plants.

Being a hot Summer day, I was parched from my walk. One of the most amazing things about Los Angeles is the bounty of health food joints and fresh juice stores. Alfred is an adorable hub for young, attractive Angelinos. Fake flowers bloom on a decorative accent wall. Trendy nuances pop from all angles. The barista was sweet. Leaving was regrettable. I wished that I could have spent some more time there.

On the opposite side of the street, I enjoyed walking through dream kitchens and bathroom replications. The chef in me was taking note of what I want in my future home. The showroom I had stumbled on reeked of success and modern design. Roses adorned the nearby path out front.

There is a very exclusive tone to the neighborhood. I didn’t do any shopping, nor did I dare browse the pricey boutiques. There was a bit of window shopping, but I get the feeling I smell poor or something every time I enter a fancy store. Either I get completely ignored, or I get followed around like a sketchy criminal. Note to self: dress a little nicer.

That was basically my entire self-guided mini tour of Melrose Place. The urge to scrawl notes came over me. Those notes led me to write this. I hope you enjoyed hearing about the famed street.

Thanks for reading!



Priority checks of the day:

  1. Take a little more pride in your appearance. A trivial boost of effort goes a long way for improving overall morale.
  2. Set higher goals. Success does not make you a bad person. Success is a form of self-love and it is okay to want to do better.





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